Mobilane at Specifi Landscape Manchester 2018: Free Event for Landscape Architects and Designers

26 June 2018

Specifi Landscape Manchester 2018 | 3 July 2018 4.30pm

The Mobilane UK team are heading for another in the series of FREE events for landscape specifiers – hurry for tickets – Specifi Landscape Manchester.  The evening event provides one more opportunity to hear key speaker Joe Clancy deliver his seminar on “Biophilic Environments and Biophilic Design”.

There will be exhibitors – of which Mobilane are one – and many opportunities for networking over dinner and drinks.  These events have been running throughout the year and Mobilane have supported these with a presence at the Leeds, Bristol and London outings so far.

An informal chance to discuss the issues and share ideas with the landscape design world.

Come and meet the Mobilane UK team – we’ll have our Green Screens alongside.

The event starts at 4.30pm on Tuesday 3 July 2018 at the Renaissance City Centre Hotel, Manchester M3 2EQ.  Book your place now.

Specifi Landscape Manchester 2018.