Living wall

Green facades are exterior walls covered with plants and are also called vertical green walls. A living wall provides many benefits. It is not only an eye-catcher, but also captures rainwater, keeps the facade cool and has a positive effect on biodiversity. A green facade doesn’t have to consist solely of climbing plants thanks to Mobilane’s innovative living wall systems. The modular systems are easy and quick to install and are fully recyclable. Check out the different types of living walls below.

LivePanel Outdoor

A sustainable outdoor living wall

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Mobipanel living wall

Modular living wall system for climate-proof construction

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A planted building facade with green screen panels

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Types of living walls

Mobilane has several products for a living wall. There is the MobiPanel and the Wallplanter. The MobiPanel consists of cassettes in which various flowering plants are placed and can be installed against almost any facade, such as offices and distribution centres. Wallplanter, on the other hand, consists of containers with mature hedges and is mainly used to green car parks. One thing these types of living walls have in common is that once installed, it immediately provides a completely green wall.

Outdoor plant wall

An outdoor plant wall encourages biodiversity and is also aesthetic. The various plants on the facade create a sustainable and lively appearance. Various flowers and plants can be chosen, transforming bare and grey facades into a blooming sight. In addition, the greenery in an exterior plant wall provides shelter for birds and insects, among other things.

Plants for an exterior green wall

The plants in the Mobilane Plantguide are all suitable for an outdoor green wall, but they all have different properties and thus a preferred location. A south-facing wall is often in full sun, while a north-facing plant wall is have less light. The orientation of the green wall therefore determines the choice of plants. Of course, we are happy to help you with this. For advice or more information, please contact Mobilane Technical Support.

All plants, for in the cassettes of the MobiPanel system, are grown locally with the “On the way to PlanetProof” certification. This independent label means that the plants are sustainably produced and are a better choice for nature, climate and animals. In cooperation with the Darthuizer Group, the plants are planted in the cassettes and grow further in the greenhouse. This production site has a sheltered workshop and employs 200 people with a distance to the labour market.

Science confirms benefits of green facades

Researcher Marc Ottelé received his PhD on the benefits of vertical greenery from TU Delft. His research confirms that a plant wall outside absorbs particulate matter. A green facade helps reduce air pollutants and is therefore better for public health. In addition, Ottelé’s research showed that green facades have a positive impact on wind speed. Living plants reduce wind speed and have a positive effect on a building’s insulating properties. The latter is also evident in Ottelé and Perini’s (2017) study on the thermal behaviour of vertically vegetated building facades. Temperature differences of as much as 8.4 °C were seen between the various plant walls analysed for the living-wall system based on planters. This applies to the ambient temperature outside. Due to the insulation between the exterior and interior walls, an exterior plant wall has little to no effect on the interior temperature.

Advantages of living walls at a glance

  • Creates a healthy and pleasant living environment
  • Improves air quality
  • Stimulates biodiversity
  • Increases the aesthetic value of property
  • Has a sound-damping and insulating effect
  • Captures rainwater
  • Gives an instant green result

Vertical green wall

One of the best-known plants that grows vertically is Hedera. The Hedera helix Woerner is therefore often used for the Wallplanter system. This fast-growing climber provides a green facade all year round, even in winter. The wall planter system consists of a recyclable aluminium planter box containing a galvanised steel grid along which the Mobilane green screen grows. This provides the advantage of being green on two sides. The Wallplanter planters are first cared for at the nursery for some time, so that the green hedges are fully dense when they are fitted to the façade on the project.

Various other flowers and plants can be used for the MobiPanel living wall system. This system consists of interchangeable plant cassettes equipped with two slots in which plants of various sizes can be placed. This flexibility gives great freedom in design and plant choice, so the plant wall does not necessarily have to consist of climbing plants to create a vertical green wall. The vertical green system is also easy to install on various types of walls, both existing and new.

Outdoor green walls

An outdoor green façade contributes to climate-proof building and greening the living environment. These so-called living walls are increasingly popular and create a healthy and pleasant living environment. This is because plants filter the air, convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and generally provide good humidity. Façades and stone heat up tremendously in the sun. So a green façade also provides cooling as the aforementioned studies show.

Mobilane LivePanel Outdoor Green facade at Capital One Café co-working space

Maintenance of an outdoor living wall

Of course, it is important that the plant walls also stay green. An automated irrigation and drainage system ensures an even water supply and efficient water consumption. The living wall system collects and redistributes rainwater. Even during long periods of drought, plants can be supplied with water by manual watering or an automated irrigation system.

Maintenance of an outdoor living wall is important to maintain the appearance and healthy growth of the plants. Depending on the planting, the living wall should be pruned about twice a year. But replacing bad plants, controlling diseases and pests and checking the irrigation system are also part of the maintenance. With a maintenance contract, all this is taken care of, keeping the green façade looking spectacular year after year.

Innovative and sustainable

An outdoor living wall contributes to climate adaptation and combating the heat island effect. Moreover, the MobiPanel living wall system and Wallplanter are made of sustainable materials, reusable and also fully recyclable. Innovative and sustainable systems to easily increase the number of green facades. Wondering where a facade has already been fitted with these unique green facade systems? Then take a look at the projects we have already realised.

Zaandam, The Netherlands

A green balcony at the residental care home Pennemes

‘‘Residents, local residents, stakeholders, family members and staff all respond enthusiastically as the green balcony is an asset to the neighbourhood and an eye-catcher for the organisation.’’

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60 m2 green facade for new Aldi Supermarket

‘‘The green facade is a way of showing Aldi's interest in a better environment.’’

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Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

Green facade at community school De Groene Draad

‘‘The green facades ensures that the steel facades of the sports hall are taken away from the view of the children and residents of the neighborhood. The green facades provide a natural look to the playground.’’

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