Employees in the spotlight

Mobilane boasts a diverse team of passionate individuals, each offering a unique perspective on what makes working for the company so special. To gain a deeper insight into what makes the work environment truly exceptional, various team members from different departments were interviewed about their experiences and what inspires them about working at Mobilane. These conversations reveal the unique aspects of the company culture and what drives them.

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What do you enjoy about your role?
The product groups, the innovative nature of the company, and its longstanding existence as a family business make Mobilane unique. I am particularly drawn to the variety of tasks and the international aspect, which has allowed me to travel extensively and experience different cultures. There’s a lot of interaction with other companies and countries. Over the past 20 years, the company has grown from a small entity into a major, leading player.

What are you most proud of?
I take pride in every new product we launch and in successfully completing projects. Project Monaco was fulfilling for me, as was more recently, the Schiphol Trade Park project. As a company, we are poised for further growth; the demand for and importance of greenery is increasing.

As the technical director, I am proud of our unique company, with its main location and nursery in Bemmel and offices in various countries. Our diverse product groups and continuous innovation put us on the map. As a family business, we have built a strong reputation. Our informal work atmosphere, short communication lines, and quick-thinking colleagues make Mobilane a fantastic place to work. The international aspect offers opportunities for travel and building valuable relationships.


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What do you enjoy about your role?
At Mobilane, there’s a positive work atmosphere of productivity and camaraderie. Short communication lines and an unprecedented level of involvement create a cozy working environment where every day is filled with warm laughter. The diversity of tasks is a big draw for me; as an employee, you are involved in various departments, leading to broad knowledge and experience. The global sales days, where different countries come together, inspire and reinforce our shared goal. Offering engaging masterclasses, such as those on biodiversity and LinkedIn by industry professionals adds an extra dimension to personal growth.

What is your favourite product?
My personal favourite, MobiPanel, not only represents innovation but also brings a lot of excitement to the market. MobiPanel transforms dreary facade walls into spectacular vertical gardens.

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