Mobilane Green Screen

Mobilane Palen Kant en klaar haag

Steel and Softwood Posts

The Mobilane Green Screen can be attached simply to a post that can be ordered separately. The posts are available in softwood and metal (green coated) varieties. The size of the post depends on the height of the hedge.

Metal Post

Ø4.8 x 175cm: intended for hedges measuring 100 cm in height

Ø4.8 x 260cm:  Intended for hedges measuring 155 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm in height

Ø4.8 x 310cm:  Intended for hedges measuring 200 cm and 220 cm in height

Poles for hedges measuring three metres are not kept in stock. Mobilane can supply iron posts measuring ø60mm x 475cm on request (with a delivery time).

Wooden Post (Class 4 FSC)

7.5 x 7.5 x 150 cm: Intended for hedges measuring 100 cm in height.

7.5 x 7.5 x 240 cm: Intended for hedges measuring 155, 180 and 200 in height.

7.5 x 7.5 x 300 cm: Intended for hedges measuring 220 in height.

7.5 x 7.5 x 360 cm: Intended for hedges measuring 300 cm in height.

10.0 x 10.0 x 360 cm: Intended for hedges measuring 300 cm in height.



The hedge is fixed to the pole of your choice using brackets. When opting for a metal pole, so-called intermediate brackets and end brackets are used (between and at the end of the hedge elements). The end brackets are also used for a sloped surface.
Only one type of bracket is used for hardwood poles.

Installation against a wall? Order the special wall brackets.

Entrance Gate

A garden surrounded by a Mobilane Green Screen deserves a matching gate. The Entrance Gate can be ordered in the sizes 175 x 100 cm (h x w) and 95 x 100 cm (h x w). If you would prefer closed fencing, then rolls of green tape are available. This tape is woven through the mesh of the fencing for the gate.

Height extension

The Mobilane Green Screen can be ordered in a large range of heights. Is your required height not available? Then you can opt for the height extension. This extension ranges from 25 cm to 175 cm. This allows you to achieve a hedge at the desired height.

Mobilane Hardhouten bakken

Hardwood planter

The Mobilane Green Screen does not necessarily need to be planted in the ground. Mobilane also offers the option of a hardwood planter. This container is filled with fertile potting soil (supplied separately), in which the Mobilane Green Screen can then simply be planted. Do you want to move the hardwood planter? Please order the matching wheel set with two rotating wheels and two fixed wheels.

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