Vertical greenery indoor

Greenery is the latest and greatest trend. Not only at home, but also in offices, hotels, and restaurants. More and more places are opting to add a bit more green. However, rather than simply placing a few potted plants here and there, it’s much more appealing to install a green wall. Vertical greenery gives your business location a unique flair. Moreover, there are a number of benefits to creating a healthy indoor climate. We would like to tell you more about it.

Vertical plant wall

Bare walls are a thing of the past. A vertical plant wall can liven up your boring wall. Additionally, you can divide larger spaces with a bit of greenery. It’s convenient, for instance, in office gardens where you need to separate the workspaces. But they can also be a great addition to a hotel or a restaurant. For example, they can be used to add a bit of colour to a brick wall or to split up nooks.

The convenience of a vertical plant wall is the fact that you can add a bit of green in no time at all. The LivePanel System by Mobilane consists of a modular green wall system with interchangeable plant cassettes. It’s easy to place against an existing or new wall or to be used instead of a conventional wall. You can choose from a wide variety of plants and can configure the green plant wall to your own specifications.

Benefits of indoor greenery

Indoor greenery is a great way to brighten up your interior. Greenery is the latest and greatest trend and not without reason. Plants create an ambience and a fun atmosphere. This is not the only great thing about plants.

Green is healthy

A green office has proven positive effects on your employees’ health. Plants improve air quality in offices; they provide more humidity and convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. Furthermore, plants partially absorb some particles from their surroundings, including those that cause headaches in some people (such as formaldehyde). This way, plants can reduce absenteeism among your employees.

Less noise

On top of that, plants can absorb ambient noise. This is an added benefit for offices where it’s never totally quiet, but also in cosy restaurants or noisier spaces in hotels. With less ambient noise, employees or guests can talk among themselves without being disturbed by others.

Better concentration

Greenery also has the ability to improve your employees’ productivity. Did you know that plants can even help people maintain their attention span when they’re engaged in tiring tasks? Looking at nature helps recharge your attention span. It’s a great way to prevent tiredness!

Sustainable interior

Lastly, a green wall in your office, hotel, or restaurant is an environmentally friendly option. Plants absorb fine dust particles from the surrounding air, which is better for your health and the environment. On top of that, the LivePanel system is entirely recyclable and barely needs any water.


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Would you like to give your office a beautifully green look and provide a pleasant indoor climate? Then Mobilane’s LivePanel is the ideal green solution for you. Create a pleasant working/sitting space and an ideal indoor climate with the LivePanel, with all of its added benefits.

You can also opt for the LivePanel PACK. This is a convenient all-in-one system for a green wall. You’ll have a complete system for all your plants set up within two hours. These plants only need water once every one to two weeks. Electricity, drainage, and irrigation systems are not necessary for this system. Easy as can be!

Mobilane, for your green solution

In short, a green wall is a smart and simple solution for any and every location. Would you like to benefit from a green solution for your company? Then you’ve come to the right place here at Mobilane. We’re happy to help you.

Read everything about our LivePanel and LivePanel PACK on our website. There, you can order your own green indoor wall.