Greenery, plants, and foliage are frequently used to make visitors feel at ease. Having plants in store helps drive up footfall — shoppers stay longer, and plants have a positive impact on their buying behavior. Mobilane can help you explore how best to use plants in store displays, for window dressing, or in shopping malls.

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More greenery = More revenue

At shopping malls, seated areas surrounded by greenery and plants encourage visitors to stay longer. Longer visits mean increased buying opportunities — in some instances, the presence of greenery has been shown to deliver a 12% increase in revenue for adjacent stores.

Relax surrounded by greenery

Shoppers themselves are not the only ones who enjoy a little dash of greenery during their shopping experience. People waiting for others also benefit from having plants in waiting areas. The more pleasant the experience, the longer people stay — whether they are shopping, or otherwise.

An attractive shop window

Plants grab people’s attention. If a window display includes plants, it is more likely to catch peoples’ eyes and make them stop and look — and potentially enter. Living, natural plants engage an audience much more than a poster or wall display, the effect of which diminishes over time. A living plant display is alive — it is always changing, and it is much more engaging than artificial plants.

Branding and Image

Greenery can also be used to enhance the branding, identity, or image of a company. Simply add vertical greenery to a building’s exterior or a living wall in the entrance, and you’ll instantly find yourself broadcasting a green, environmentally friendly image to the outside world.

Color and Theme

In-store colors and themes help communicate your brand and reflect the season or latest trends. Living green walls in stores can be planted using different types of plants, colors, foliage, and flowers to match certain themes or moods. The color green makes people feel safe, reminds them of nature, and has a soothing effect. Cool colors like blue, purple, and white all help set a more relaxed atmosphere. Colors can be used to enhance the experience you wish to create. The color green makes people feel safe, reminds them of nature, and has a soothing effect. Cool colors like blue, purple, and white are the ideal choice to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Warm colors like yellow, orange, and red give off a more invigorating or active vibe.


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The High Street

Retail establishments are not the only place where greenery has an impact. The neighboring areas, streets, and public open spaces also stand to gain. Greened streets lined with trees, plants, and floral displays are much more visually pleasing to the community and visitors from elsewhere. This in turn reduces vandalism and leads to a greater feeling of safety and togetherness in the community — and the street simply looks better, attracting more visitors and shoppers, who happily stay longer and will want to come back again and again.

Installing Mobilane Green Screens is a quick and easy way to achieve instant greenery. These ready-made hedge panels require little care or maintenance, which makes them an extremely cost-effective option to add greenery to a space. LivePanel green walls are also easy to incorporate in any street scene, guaranteeing an instant green result.

London, United Kingdom

Creative inspiration at Fujifilm London

‘‘Fujifilm wanted the living wall to be a tropically themed centerpiece on the ground floor in one of the ‘creative areas’ at its Experience. ’’

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Venice Beach California

Luxury Jewellery brand stands out on the high street

‘‘With its brand-new flagship store set to launch in Venice Beach, California, this luxury jewelry brand wanted to make a real big splash’’

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