Health-conscious bicycle parking at a campus near Eindhoven

A new sustainable bicycle shed has been realised at this high-tech campus. The unique bicycle parking facility has a sedum roof and contributes to a green environment for the students and staff.

Circular economy in health care

The Campus is committed to a circular economy in healthcare. The Campus restores and updates systems to current requirements and guidelines, indicating that this is another step towards a circular economy in healthcare.

The bicycle parking facility, realised by ‘Klaver Fietsparkeren’, with its green roof by Mobilane, fits seamlessly into this. The bicycle parking facility is entirely built of recycled steel, has a length of 50 metres and offers accommodation to almost 300 bicycles.

The roof is covered with almost 500 square metres of sedum cassettes. The cassettes are produced from post-consumer raw materials, and are fully recyclable, making them a circular green roof system.

The advantages of a bicycle shelter with a green roof

Green roofs offer many advantages. Greenery has a positive effect on people’s health and well-being. People prefer to work for a company in a pleasant green environment. The high tech campus is located in a wooded area and part of the office has a view of the green roof. There are also other advantages of the in greenery covered bicycle shed for the company, such as:

The sedum roof extends the life of the roof

A planted roof protects the surface of the roof from adverse weather conditions. As a result, the roofing can last two to three times as long.

The green roof absorbs rainwater

The various layers of which a green roof is made contribute to storing, evaporating and slowing down the drainage of water. This prevents large puddles along the bicycle parking area and also prevents overloading of the sewers.

A green roof provides a cooling effect

Sedum stores a lot of water and a large proportion (40-70%) evaporates. This cools the environment.

Green roofs improve air quality

Sedum improves air quality. For example, sedum removes 0.15 grams of fine dust per square metre per year and a sedum roof of 25 square metres can produce enough oxygen for one person.

The green roof contributes to the biodiversity on the campus

The nature-inclusive bicycle stand provides more space for flora and fauna. Besides food, the roof also offers nesting opportunities and shelter to wild bees, butterflies and hoverflies, among others. Birds such as finches, black redstarts and wagtails are also provided with food by critters that can be found among the vegetation.

The green roof provides green compensation

Green roofs are eminently suitable for giving buildings or structures such as bicycle storerooms a sustainable appearance. Green roofs also serve to compensate for paving or building on the ground, to all other positive effects.