Quick and easy Green Garden Fencing!

Have you ever thought about getting a green fence for your garden, instead of the regular garden gates or fences? At Mobilane, we understand how nice it is to have a yard where you can garden, enjoy the sun, read a book and relax from a busy week at work. Proper privacy to do all these things away from prying eyes would be ideal. Feeling like your neighbours can constantly see what you’re doing is far from relaxing. We’ve got the perfect solution for you- the Mobilane ready-made Green Screen

Mobilane ready-made Green Screen

With Mobilane’s green garden fence, you get an instant green fence around your garden. Great for privacy, and also fantastic for the effect it has on your garden. You don’t have to worry about building a fence or a gate: like the name suggests, the patented system is ready-made and can be installed immediately. No more waiting an entire year for your hedge to be filled with the plants and flowers you enjoy the most. We’ve already done that job for you.

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We make sure the hedge is fully grown before it enters your garden. We grow the hedge ourselves in a biodegradable, coconut-fibre container, and have a large collection of different plants and climbing plants for you to choose from. You can go for the Hedera helix Woerner, a gorgeous, dark green plant that keeps its leaves all year round. Want some more colour in your garden? The Pyracantha Dart’s red provides just that. It’s a perennial firethorn with the loveliest, non-poisonous red berries in the spring. The plant also grows umbelliferous flowers.

Because they’re grown right here at Mobilane – and we only place fully grown hedges – the green screens can be placed in your garden all year round. The hedges will stay lush and vibrant all year, allowing you to enjoy them no matter the season. Another benefit of a ready-made hedge, is that they’re very low maintenance. The plants only require a little care to maintain their looks all throughout the year.

Besides the privacy provided by the screens, the low maintenance and the incredible ambiance created by the Green Screen, this hedge also stimulates the biodiversity in your garden. And the Mobilane ready-made Green Screen also helps create a healthier living environment. The plants in the hedge absorb particulate matter and transform carbon monoxide into oxygen. A greener garden not just in terms of colour, but also as a literal contribution to a greener world.

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