Mobilane’s Green Living Fence – the perfect solution for privacy housing construction in Stuttgart

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In cities, gardens are becoming increasingly smaller, especially in townhouses, where this trend is clearly visible. However, successful and peaceful coexistence among different residents can only work if each neighbor can enjoy their own privacy. This was the case for a family in Stuttgart: their neighbor brought a large dog into the house and, without consultation, erected a 1.6-meter-high wire fence – a functional but unattractive solution that provided no effective screening and displeased the family. The perfect solution: a Green Living Fence for privacy.

What to do?

The family sought a natural screening that is quick and easy to install. Their garden and landscape architect recommended the patented system of Mobilane’s Green Living Fence. This versatile hedge consists of a steel grid completely covered with plants. The plants root in a biodegradable plant container made of coconut fibres. The hedges can be planted directly in the ground after delivery.

Various benefits

Mobilane hedges promote biodiversity by providing a home for various insects and birds. This contributes to maintaining the ecological balance in an urban environment, including terraced houses. Additionally, Mobilane hedges play a role in improving air quality. They act as natural air purifiers by absorbing harmful substances from the environment and producing oxygen. In summary, in addition to the direct benefits of privacy and aesthetics, Mobilane’s Green Living Fence contributes to the well-being of residents, the quality of the living environment, and the ecological diversity in urban areas such as Stuttgart.

Stuttgart Green Screen

Smooth installation

The family opted for four 1.2-metre-wide and 1.8-metre-high hedge elements of the Hedera helix ‘Woerner’ variety: an evergreen, winter-hardy, and robust ivy. Five green iron posts and mounting brackets were supplied. During planting, the locations of the posts were first marked and placed at a distance of 1.3 metres. It was important to ensure that the tops of the posts and the hedge elements ran parallel. Next, the planting pit was dug with a width and depth of 40 cm each. The soil at the bottom of the planting pit was loosened and watered, then filled with planting substrate up to 20 cm. It was crucial to compact the filling well, avoiding later settling. In the next step, the ready-made hedges were planted, ensuring that the upper part of the biodegradable coconut basket was just below the soil surface.

Quick and easy

Almost done! The remainder of the planting pit around the coconut baskets was filled with the excavated soil mixed with planting substrate and then compacted. Using garden shears, the hedge was trimmed to the final height of 1.6 metres. A thorough watering completed the planting of the Green Living Fence. Everything proceeded smoothly and quickly. The family and the landscaping contractor were satisfied and happy. Meanwhile, the lawn, which suffered during planting, has regrown beautifully, and the hedge has established well, developing splendidly. The family now fully enjoys the summer in their small, sheltered garden!

• Project: Terraced House Stuttgart
• Design, Execution: Garden Design Kryeziu, Aichtal
• Used Product: Mobilane Green Living Fence, 4 Elements 120×180 cm, 5 Steel Posts, Mounting Brackets
• Plants: Hedera helix ‘Woerner’
• Installation Date: September 2022

Green Living Fence

Green Living Fence

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