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During the period 2020-2023, HatchTech developed their new Dutch headquarters on the A12. The transparent office building is designed sustainably and circularly, equipped with the latest sustainable technologies. Both the building and the surrounding garden are built to be nature-inclusive. In the restaurant, there are two large living green LivePanel walls. These are a visible expression of the sustainable direction that characterizes the innovative company.

Mobilane LivePanel HatchTech

Nature-inclusive experience center

Due to rapid growth, HatchTech decided to build a new headquarters in the food and business park in Ede, which better aligned with the company’s future vision. The new headquarters consists of 12,500 m2 of new construction on a plot of 19,000 m2. This new building serves as an incubator for ideas, a meeting center, and an ‘experience center.’ Both international clients and educational institutions can stay updated on new developments, innovations, and products. The nature-inclusive elements were designed in collaboration with an ecologist and the municipality of Ede (according to the point system for nature-inclusive development in Ede).

Green walls with own plant pattern

In the heart of the atrium, you’ll find the restaurant, where two LivePanel green walls immediately catch the eye. Interior landscaper Ten Brinke has taken care of all the indoor greenery, including the LivePanel walls. Paul Gerretschen, Project Manager at Ten Brinke, says, “Architect Paul Hoppe wanted a plant pattern on the wall. We then designed the pattern based on the preferences of the plants themselves. So, plants that require a lot of light are used at the edge of the wall, near the windows. The ferns, on the other hand, are placed in darker areas. For the LivePanel wall, selections include Asplenium parvati, Aglaonema Maria, Philodendron Scandens, Epipremnum Golden Pothos, and Monstera obliqua, Dracaena.”

Mobilane LivePanel HatchTech

LivePanel aligns with sustainable vision

The LivePanel system was designed with modularity and sustainability in mind. The green wall system consists of interchangeable plant cassettes. These cassettes have slots where plants are placed. Each row of plant cassettes rests in a gutter profile that also serves as a water reservoir. Thanks to capillary action, the plants absorb water from this reservoir over a period of several weeks, efficiently managing water.

Vertical green solutions offer various benefits. They take up minimal space and contribute to improved acoustics in the space. Additionally, they enhance indoor air quality and the overall indoor climate. Research has shown that an abundance of greenery increases concentration, productivity, and the overall well-being of building occupants while reducing stress.

Framed plant wall

Because the building is so light, no special UV lamps are needed. Both walls are controlled by an irrigation system. A wooden frame has been created around the LivePanel plant wall as a framing. This way, the LivePanel wall itself appears as a huge artwork. Additionally, the side is completely hidden, and visitors only see the front of the system. The restaurant is designed with biofilic design and made of wood and other natural materials. HatchTech has the well-being of its employees in mind. Not only do the green walls express this, but there is also a tree in the restaurant, and throughout the building, you’ll find plants of various types and sizes.


Architect: Paul Hoppe New Business Accommodation HTHQ Hatchtech Group Ede – Paul Hoppe Architect
Developer: VDG Property Development with Unibouw as the construction company
Interior landscaper: Ten Brinke Your partner in green experience | Ten Brinke Interior Landscaping (



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