Mobilane continues green vision in the United States

23 October 2023

Mobilane, the leading global provider of innovative green solutions, recently announced its opening in the United States. This significant expansion marks a pivotal moment for Mobilane and promises a thriving green vision for living greenery in the built environment. The originally Dutch family-owned company has a 100-year history of developing new, innovative and sustainable green solutions that are safe, functional and environmentally friendly.

Growing demand for green

The new office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Alexander Ilsink, Director and third generation in the company: “We are very proud to expand our business into the USA. We have already had the opportunity to green several projects in the USA. This new branch will better enable us to serve the local market by meeting the growing demand for our green solutions.”

Mobilane LivePanel

Green vision

Mobilane has built its reputation on a simple yet profound vision: to make the world we live in greener and more sustainable. With a range of innovative products that seamlessly combine nature and technology, Mobilane has transformed buildings around the world. From lush green walls with air-purifying effects to sustainable instant hedges, Mobilane’s green solutions are extremely versatile.

Focus on vertical greenery

Mobilane USA will focus mainly on vertical greenery. This includes green walls (indoor), facades (outdoor), instant Green Living Fence hedges and space-saving solutions such as the room divider ‘LiveDiverPlus‘ and LivePictures. The green systems not only add a touch of nature to concrete surroundings, but also significantly improve air quality by acting as a natural air filter. The plants in the systems absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, creating a healthier atmosphere for everyone.

Green impact

The introduction of Mobilane’s green solutions in the United States can be a game changer for various locations such as business spaces, schools and public spaces. Offices, universities, hotels and commercial spaces can create refreshing environments that boost the productivity and well-being of building users. Studies have consistently shown that greenery in workspaces leads to reduced stress levels, lower absenteeism and increased creativity.

Climate Adaptive Greenery

With Mobilane’s expansion into the US, the company can help address pressing issues such as air pollution, climate change and the overall well-being of city dwellers. The company’s innovative solutions are carefully designed to address these challenges.

Mobilane LivePanel