Rabobank adds new green options to its environmental office credentials

Blending an office working environment with a communal space where colleagues and visitors congregate for lunch, time out and meetings is not an easy task.  At Rabobank, with its history in providing funds to agriculture, growers and farming, they stepped up with the greenest of solutions – the LiveDivider and LivePicture green options from Mobilane.

The brief? To create a warm, inviting and comfortable zone for staff and visitors – and that meant PLANTS.  Rent a Plant, an interior plant specialist, took the brief and, after supplying some plants in the recent past, they met the company’s instructions head-on, placing the LiveDividers and a smattering of LivePictures to complement the theme.

LiveDivider:  Bringing people closer

The best option to separate yet soften the working environment at the Rabobank offices was the LiveDivider. Having the superior benefit of planting on both sides, the LiveDivider gives green impact across the space whilst still forming a solid visual demarcation.  To offer the best blend without too powerful a colour statement, the plants chosen were subtle in foliage colour: Scindapsus Pictus, Scindapsus Aureus and Dracaena compacta.

Result: A great, green workspace, multi-use and used extensively.  A hit with employees, management and visitors alike.

LiveDivider and  LivePicture: green options

The LiveDivider and LivePicture are just two of our innovate green statement products – ideal for any room or aspect for an instant, beautiful element of Green.

LiveDivider:  A room divider, planted on both sides.  A flexible and innovative option to both separate a room and create atmosphere and privacy in the most decorative of ways.  Plants within the LiveDivider absorb the impact of ambient noise, improving room acoustics as well as the aesthetics.

LivePicture.  Combining innovation, design and green in the most artistic way. The planted artistry has an integrated watering system with reservoir that ensures that the plants are supplied with water for four to six weeks at a time.  Its patented design means that no power is required.  Each LivePicture can be swiftly and simply attached to any wall.